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Thursday, January 5, 2012

bursday dreamz :D

I always wondering that in my bursday’s day..i would like to be a bursday gurl as well :D how cute n pretty i am..har har har (ppeerraaassaaann’s zone :P )

Actually my dayz will be coming diz weekend..n in mind rite now..like a big planning I have..


heheheh..i’m not young enough..!! like always..every year my beloved beloved beloved abah will bought me a bursday’s cake until last year :D ..n hopefully diz year also0o0..heheh he knew that I’ve sumone important in my life n I’m afraid that my beloved abah will sto0o0p buy me a cake juz because I’ve a lover..hahaha (juz little imaginatio0o0n from my little ting to0o0ng o0o0tak) :P but..last year didn’t happen n hope so :D

I’m voting for my dayz..i want to be a beutifull gurl as well..i don’t care what people will say…its juz me n may dayz only..TITIK.(dengan besi beraninyer..hahaha)

Next bursdays with the new a age..lucky that I still remember who am I n used to be..InsyALLAH will not regret for the next coming everydayz :P hehehe I believe that I’m a very2 lucky person coz until now..peoples who a around me was very3 the take gud care about me..hehehe (teringat msa peristiwa kat fiesta when ader si polan msj my mother in low..told her that we’re having fun at the fiesta..but don’t u think that the BIG purpose of the people come to the fiesta..hah ?? bo0o0do0o0 punya o0o0rg :P luckily she’s very da sporting mother in low..hahahha :D )

Back to my dayz..hehehe diz year my ages will be 2++ years n hopepuly I will matang n old enough to get married (tetiba jekkk yer cik jah o0o0ii..ahhahaha ). Honestly..my heart a always think about married..but my mind always say no0o0..n at least for da next caming 2-3 years ..n that will b ‘may be’..hahaa it will need a lotz of preparation before I fully get ready with the new status n perhaps heheh.. :D

But..!!! where am I ??? wheres my bursday dreams topic…where…????????? Hahahhaha :P

Melalot xhengat dunia daa..hehehe lets make a gud conclucion.. :P harap2 my besdayz kali nii best jugak mcm yg lepas2.. :D


Like always..at the endz..i always hope da best n best ever goes to myself n pamily n prenz n everybody in diz worldz :D

Always pray for our HAPPINESS :P

p/s--> i lo0o0ve u en.cayang :-*