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Friday, January 7, 2011

mY bAd dAyZ

today was my big day i think.. =( nope..!!! actly it is n suppose to be my very2 big n hepy dayz..but its stuck n cannot moved =( but sumthing happen to me diz murning..i wokeup early in da murning..with my big smile n big planning...hmmmmm...(big laugh...hahahah) this week i'm gonna enjoy sakan n go bejoli abeh2san..ha ha ha ha =) no matter what ever hepen..i will do what i want..n titik. diz new year (2011) i declared..that I DONT HAVE any MY BESDAYZ's celebration...!!!!..its will sounds 1 wordz only..thats is --> will not n never n ever ...!!! (how sad while i'm writing this :( ..can u imagine that ) i'm alone here rite now..

in couplez hours...
still have da same feeling...bad mo0o0d =( tomorrow will come up with the new life of me n i it will take how muc as i can to prove it. this is my wordz to my self..!!!!!!!!!! i thought that it will b my great days today..but its not. may b it have HIKMAH on diz..n i will take it as my spirit n my happines =) no more bad2 mo00d on me n what goes around..comez around.. =) (roda2 kehidupan)

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