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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

- bad luck for bbuuuccuukkk -

adik...n owen..lg dido0o0 daa... =P

- having their lunch -

last night while having family's dinner.. i've saw bucukk n its looked weird and uncomfortable on its face but latter on i've continued my dinner again...heheheh
but my little sister..was shock n stop having her dinner n accompany bucuk in our room (bucukk a.k.a her's lovely).. suddenly she shouted, and called mom .. we were all surprised .. why...???? she said that..bucukk will give its first birth juz now..huhuu
i'm so happy to0o0..but apparently..it was an un pramature pregnancy.. =(
bucuk got birth for first pregnancy =( but da beby was born an unpremature..
it was so sad..bucuk cried liked called her beby.
i just thought only certain human will facing the problems but animals also having the same problem while pregnancy..
it was my 1st time n 1st experienced seen sumting like this...n it looks very2 bad and to0o0 sad for bucukk..
bucuk got 4 babies are an unpremature n its very2 cute as speciol as her...
my little sisters looked sad and cried the whole night because she wait for the babies patiently but unfortunately the babies are an unpremature n died.
i felt sorry for bucukk n my little sisters..
if i be bucukk..i dont no0o0 what will hapen to0o me juz now.. =( minta simpang malaikat 44 =(
animal also have their feeling..sume people said..animals more to0o0 love their bebies compared too0o0 human..huhu

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