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Saturday, March 5, 2011

** my pebret **

when i lo0o0ked for da 1st time..i told to myself that i wont eat that kind 0o0o0f f0o0d..hahhaha
n for sure..i realy2 dun liked it... =P
when i meet him for da 1st time n dating him..he always ate that f0o0o0d..n i loo0oked at him n saw his enjoyed face while eating that..huhuu i dunno0o0..hhahaha
while at u$m..when i'm missed him muc..i will g0o0 to da TESCo0o0o0 ( nearest placed actly t0o0 get diz kinda fo0o0d ) n eating that MEE SIZZLING..my febret fo0o0d rite no0o0w...
my 1st time ate that because i missed him like helll... =(
thanks to0o0 u my dear cyg..because o0o0f u..no0o0w i no0o0 that f0o0d was to0o0 gud n so0o0dap wo0o0..hahhaha =P
rite no0o0w..MEE SIZZLING was my pebret n always ate that when i'm outing atcly when i'm dating him..hehhehe
like always..when we hated sumting it will change us after we like sumone n know better that things..hehhehe =P

p/s --> lo0o0ve dallink..n lo0o0ve mee sizzling to0o0..hahaha

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